• About Us
    Periocenter –One of Israel’s leading centers for periodontal care, was established by Dr. Yaniv Mayer and Dr. Eran Gabay. The clinic focuses on periodontal disease and implants and is operated by the Rambam Medical Center physicians, known for their professionalism, experience and service awarenes.
    The center also offers the services of an experienced team of dental hygienists and assistants.
    The clinic is equipped with the best and latest medical technology that complies with the strictest global standards.
    We will be happy to serve you and cooperate with your dentist, in order to provide you with full medical attention and the best treatment, supportive atmosphere and personal attention available.
  • Our Credo

    Professionalism – Dr. Yaniv Mayer and Dr. Eran Gabay are periodontal health experts, who acquired their education at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Rambam Hospital in Haifa. The team also includes dental hygienists and assistants with many years of experience, who have undergone special training in the most complex periodontal treatments. We believe that continuous training, academic research and active participation in scientific conferences are the keys to maintaining professionalism and high standards in the constantly evolving field of periodontology.

    Periodontal medicine for everyone – Many people suffer from some kind of infection or periodontal disease. Our clinic has a broad community vision that aims to make periodontal care accessible to everyone. We will do everything we can to maintain your health without barriers or obstacles. Our staff will accompany you through all the stages of the treatment and will allay your fears and doubts. Our physicians will be available to you at all times and will listen to your needs.

    Innovation – We believe in a world where technology has an important part, and our medical staff is always up-to-date on innovations and professional developments. Therefore, we use the world's leading and most advanced equipment, implants and materials. However, we do not perform experimental clinical treatments; only treatments supported by the professional literature.

    Reliability – Our clinic focuses on periodontal and implant services. We maintain a constant and continuous contact with the referring dentist, during consultations and throughout the treatment process. At the end of the treatment, we  refer the patient back to the referring dentist for maintenance treatment and monitoring for preservation.

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    Our clinic is part of the leading implant centers worldwide